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Liechtenstein lies in the region of the upper Rhine between Switzerland and Austria, about 75 miles (a 90 minute drive) each of Zurich, Switzerland which as the nearest Map International airport. It is Europe's fourth smallest state with an area of approximately 100 square miles. Vaduz is the capital and the seat of Government. Liechtenstein, like its neighbours, is politically neutral. It is a constitutional hereditary monarchy with a Prince as head of State and a democratically elected parliament. The legal system is based on civil law. The total population is 28,000 of which 18,000 are citizens of the Principality. The official language of Liechtenstein is German, although English is widely spoken amongst the business community. The Swiss Franc is the official currency and there are no exchange controls. Banking and financial services are one of Liechtenstein's main industries and within this industry there are high levels of secrecy with heavy sanctions imposed for any breaches of confidentiality. On an international comparison Liechtenstein has very well protected bank confidentiality