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Bermuda remains today the oldest colony of the United Kingdom yet it has been self-governing with respect to its own affairs, aside from defense and external affairs, for over 300 years. Map At the same time because of its strategic location in the North Atlantic (being much further north than is commonly believed and considerably closer to New York and Boston than the Caribbean) Bermuda benefits from being effectively under the US defense umbrella. The legal system is based on English common law, modified and supplemented by Acts passed under the Bermuda Constitution Order, 1968.

Bermuda is governed by the locally elected House of Assembly but ultimate authority lies with the Queen who is represented by the Governor.

With a population of close to 60,000 and a thriving tourist industry, Bermuda enjoys communications and travel connections of a high standard. Bermuda has attracted substantial insurance business and, after London and New York, Bermuda enjoys the third largest premium flow of any insurance centre.

Bermuda is of interest to Hong Kong people looking for an area to establish an offshore company because the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has approved the Bermuda Exempted Company for listing purposes.