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The Island of Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean was a British Colony from 1628 until 1983 when it became independent and joined the Federation of St Kitts & Nevis and it is now a member of Map the British Commonwealth and the United Nations. Nevis has a democratic system of government based on the British parliamentary system with an elected local assembly.

The legal system is based on British common law but the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance, which was introduced in 1984, incorporates both British and US law with the Ordinance drawing heavily on the statute applicable in the US state of Delaware.

The population of Nevis is approximately 9000. The local currency is the EC dollar which is worth approximately 2.7 US dollars. As with everywhere in the Caribbean, US dollars are widely accepted on the island. Nevis has an excellent telecommunications system, Cable & Wireless having installed a state of the art fibre optic digital system at the turn of the decade. There are no direct flights to or from Nevis to the US mainland or Europe but the island is easily accessible by utilising connecting flights via Antigua.