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Western Samoa, which comprises of two large islands and several smaller isles is situated in the centre of the Southern Pacific Ocean, approximately equidistant between Honolulu and Sydney Map and immediately East of the International Date Line. Western Samoa has been a fully independent nation since 1962 and its constitution provides for a parliamentary Government which combines the traditional Samoan social structure and a democratic voting system.

The legal system of Western Samoa is based on English common law and incorporates a considerable body of New Zealand statute law due to the fact that prior to independence New Zealand was the administrating authority of Western Samoa.

Population is approximately 162,000, of whom amount 90% are indigenous Polynesians. The balance of the population is of part Samoan and part Chinese or European extraction.

Western Samoa has sophisticated international telecommunications system with telex, facsimile and international direct facilities via satellite. There are regular international flights to and from Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific Islands.